Centra Objectives

  • Government: Ministry Of Finance, Ministry Of Education, MCIT, Ministry of. Higher Education, Ministry of interiors, Ministry of civil aviation, Egypt Post …
  • Telecom: Telecom Egypt, TE-Data, Exceed …etc.
  • Banking: Bank Misr, CIB, Cairo Bank, National Bank ….etc,
  • Others: Al Ahram, Akhbar el youm academy, ICS, Top Business, Excel Systems …etc,

Centra Major accounts

  • Build the company identity and culture.
  • To put the company as the most innovative to end-to-end solution provider in the market.
  • Increase in Employee Productivity.
  • Increase Market share by 10% in 2010.
  • Increase gross profit in 2010.
  • Decrease operating costs by 20% in 2010