The New Library of Alexandria, the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina is dedicated to recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship of the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is much more than a library.

The New Library of Alexandria also hosts a number of institutions: The number is growing and the Library of Alexandria is becoming the nerve center of many international and regional networks.

  1. The Academia Bibliotheca Alexandrinae (ABA)
  2. Arabic Society for Ethics in Science & Technology (ASEST)
  3. The Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures, the first Euro–Med foundation based outside Europe
  4. The Institute for Peace Studies (IPS) of the Suzanne Mubarak Women for Peace Movement
  5. The HCM Medical Research project (located in Shallalat premises)
  6. The Jean-René Dupuy Center for Law and Development
  7. The Arab Regiona l Office of the Academy of Science for the Developing World (ARO-TWAS)
  8. The International Federation for Library Associations (IFLA) Regional Office
  9. The Secretariat of the Arab National Commissions of UNESCO
  10. The Middle Eastern and North African Network for Environmental Economics (MENANEE)
  11. The Arab Network for Women in Science and Technology (ANWST)

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive (IA) is a recorded memory of the all the web pages on every website on the Internet since it started in 1996. The BA Internet Archive is the first center of its kind established outside US borders.

It is designed not only as a backup for the mother archive in San Francisco, but also as a hub for Africa and the Middle East.

Centra Project

Centra Has the honor to be the main solution provider of Alexandria Bibliotheca Internet Archive Center.

Centra web collections were designed and manufactured locally at the BA with a storage capacity of 2.2 petabytes hosted on 20 racks. Currently, the archive has a capacity to hold up to 3.7 petabytes of varying data on 1, 636 computers. The stored data includes, to date, the web collection from1996 till 2007 encompassing web pages, Egyptian and US television broadcasts, archival films and digitized books.

  1. Ambassade de France au Caire: Data Center Site Preparations.
  2. American Booz Allen “Egyptian Navy”: Alexandria site Data Center.
  3. Alexandria Bibliotheca : Main Data Center for internet Archive.
  4. Guide “Geoscience US Co.”: Upgrade data Center UPS power to reach 150KVA.
  5. Acumen Holding “bourse”: Data Center Upgrade to 40KVA.
  6. Elsherouk News Paper: Power UPS 80KVA.
  7. National Bank Of Egypt (NBE): New Data Center Consultant.
  8. Ministry of Tourism : Main Data Center and Control Room.
  9. Ministry of Health : Data Center Power and Racking system.
  10. Bisco Misr : Cairo and Alexandria Data Centers.
  11. Great Cairo water Co.: Data Center Power solution.
Centra is the higher partner for APC by Schneider Electric Data Center Designing in Africa, find below link and attached certificate.
Centra is the only Certified Data Center Tier Design from Uptime institute in Egypt, find below link and attached foil.